Munro Complete PRO II 3/4hp - 3hp

Finally, there's a better way to install an irrigation pump.


Finally, there's a better way to install an irrigation pump...

So many things to remember: fittings, gauges, controls, wiring. Plus the materials to build a pump house. There’s room for errors, leaks, and even safety violations. Many hand-made installations fail prematurely.

We made it easy. We’ve taken all of the pieces and parts and put them together in one complete package.




  • It's Complete – With only one product to buy or specify, you have everything you need for a complete pump installation.
  • Highest quality components – Just like all of Munro’s products, the Complete PRO II is made with high-quality materials for a long, trouble-free service life.
  • Fast and easy installation – This product ships complete, with everything you need to quickly adapt to any existing piping or electrical. All you have to do is hook it up and plug it in – it’s really that easy!

The Munro Complete PRO II is a revolutionary complete pump package that includes a professional-grade pump, the highest quality pump control with built-in pump protection, and simplified plumbing connections – all housed in a unique enclosure designed specifically for a pump. With this complete solution, the days of purchasing and assembling numerous components and housing them in a makeshift enclosure are over.

Munro has incorporated best-in-class pump control with state-of-the- art pump protection features for the highest level of reliability and performance. With durable materials and advanced engineering, this long-lasting, quality product will be one that distributors and contractors will be confident in recommending to installers and end-users.