Ball Valves

  • PVC Ball Valve

    PVC Ball Valve

    A must for any irrigator’s toolbox, this is an easy-to-install, threaded, economical valve.
  • Polypropylene Ball Valve

    Polypropylene Ball Valve

    When a ball valve is desired, polypropylene is an economical option. Inert to most chemicals, this full port valve can be used in many applications.
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve

    Stainless Steel Ball Valve

    Used in high pressure or chemical applications, this valve is designed to hold up to challenging conditions.
  • Munro 1/4” Ball Valve

    Munro 1/4” Ball Valve

    Make winterization and start up a breeze when you add these to the drain ports on your pump case. 1/4” male x Female, Short Handle Ball Valve.