Control Options and Components

  • Splice Kits

    Splice Kits

    Splice kits offer a safe way to splice submersible wire to a submersible motor.
  • Submersible Cable

    Submersible Cable

    This specialized cable is used with water well pumps and other submersible pumps for powering submersible motors.
  • Munro Pump Electrical Kit

    Munro Pump Electrical Kit

    Our complete kit simplifies pump installation, with everything you need to connect to electrical controls for your pump. With convenient at-the-pump disconnect, there’s no more running between the breaker box and the pump!
  • Wire Suspension Electrodes

    Wire Suspension Electrodes

    Wire suspension electrodes are designed for use in applications requiring long lengths, or where limited head room prevents installation of solid rod electrodes.
  • Liquid Level Control

    Liquid Level Control

    Pump up and pump down control for supply pumps on elevated tanks and towers. High cutoff for pumps and valves.
  • Flow Sensor

    Flow Sensor

    This versatile flow switch offers a flow / no flow detection in pipe sizes from 1" to 6". Adjustable tension.
  • Pressure Switches

    Pressure Switches

    Low water pressure cut-off switches offer an inexpensive way to protect your pump from running dry. Used on centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, well pumps & other domestic water pumps.