Foot Valves

  • Irrigation Foot Valves

    Irrigation Foot Valves

    Choosing the right valve is a critical step in any irrigation project. At Munro, we offer a wide range of valves, including different configurations and construction materials. If you don’t see what you need, just give us a call. We know valves!
  • Brass Foot Valve

    Brass Foot Valve

    This valve is a must-have to retain prime in domestic irrigation applications. Stainless steel springs Tapered stainless steel screen & cap Non-corrosive delrin stem guide
  • Cast Iron Foot Valves

    Cast Iron Foot Valves

    These valves are an economical option for use in irrigation projects, drainage on construction sites and pumping from ponds and streams.
  • Munro PVC Flange

    Munro PVC Flange

    Ideal for easy installation of foot valves or strainers, the Munro PVC flange is heavy duty and non-corrosive.
  • Munro PVC Foot Valves

    Munro PVC Foot Valves

    Ideal for quick pump priming, Munro foot valves offer rapid closure to prevent back flow of water.