• Pressure Booster Chamber

    Pressure Booster Chamber

    Made from sturdy, corrosion-resistant plastic and stainless steel fasteners, these watertight chambers increase pressure without affecting GPM.
  • Munro FS Series 1/3 hp - 30 hp

    Munro FS Series 1/3 hp - 30 hp

    With our wide array of horsepower ranges, the FS series pumps are durable enough to take on mining and construction dewatering, and are also excellent for irrigation, industrial and even residential applications.
  • Submersible Motors

    Submersible Motors

    A reliable, efficient and trouble- free means of powering a pump, our submersible motors can be used for a variety of pump ends.
  • FXS Series .4hp

    FXS Series .4hp

    These durable pumps offer an excellent value for a variety of applications.
  • Munro FS G Sewage Grinder Pump 2hp

    Munro FS G Sewage Grinder Pump 2hp

    The Munro FSG Grinder Pump’s non-clogging design, small discharge, and high pressure make it ideal for individual residential and light industrial sewer applications.
  • Munro FS E 1/3hp Sump Pump

    Munro FS E 1/3hp Sump Pump

    Designed for year-to-year operation in residential and light commercial sump applications, the Munro FSE is a great value for your basement dewatering or tank projects.
  • Munro FS L Series 1/2hp - 1hp

    Munro FS L Series 1/2hp - 1hp

    Designed for continuous or intermittent duty, the Munro FSL Series pumps offer an excellent value and Munro’s high-quality standards.

About Submersible Pumps

How Does a Submersible Pump Work?

Submersible pumps are designed to run while located within the fluid being pumped. The fluid is accelerated by a spinning impeller to create pressure and move the liquid up through pipe or hose.

Benefits and Applications

Submersible pumps run very efficiently, are virtually noiseless, and require minimal maintenance. Top discharge designed submersibles often cool the motor by flowing the fluid past the motor housing. This cooling process allows the pump to run long hours with little or no shutdown. Submersibles are used for water features, water transfer, industrial settings, sump, effluent and sewage transfer.

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