• Heavy-Duty Layflat Water Transfer Hose

    Heavy-Duty Layflat Water Transfer Hose

    Our hose capabilities and configurations are endless – with crimp capabilities to 10”. If you need help selecting the right hose for the job, just call on the experts at Munro.
  • Oilfield Suction Hose

    Oilfield Suction Hose

    Designed for the most extreme environments – Oilfield, Underground, and Coal mines. Outside corrugation gives this hose extreme flexibility and longevity. Temperature -20 ̊ – 180 ̊ F.
  • Heavy-Duty Oil Transfer Hose

    Heavy-Duty Oil Transfer Hose

    This hearty hose is used for heavy-duty tank truck applications for suction and discharge of a wide range of petroleum products.
  • Agricultural Spray Hose

    Agricultural Spray Hose

    Use for agricultural spraying such as insecticides, fertilizers, water, compressed air, light chemical solutions and pest control. Temperature -10 ̊ – 130 ̊ F
  • Steam Hose

    Steam Hose

    This hose is EPDM, with reinforced with steel wire and has a high working pressure and high temperature rating. The weather and ozone resistant cover  is pin-pricked to allow venting and eliminate blistering and separation.
  • Chemical Hose

    Chemical Hose

    Black smooth UHMW modified cross-linked polyethylene, offering hydrocarbon resistance.
  • Hose Reels

    Hose Reels

    We offer air, water and grease spring driver hose reels as well as hand crank motor driven hose reels.