• Out of Pond Pumps

    Out of Pond Pumps

    Designed to be located on the perimeter of the pond, end-suction centrifugal out-of-pond pumps provide energy-efficient, continuous operation for lower power consumption.
  • Cistern Pumps

    Cistern Pumps

    Typically used for shallow wells and decorative water displays, this pump can also be used in small, residential grey water or rainwater harvesting applications.
  • Hand Pump Primers

    Hand Pump Primers

    A must-have accessory for priming any pump that is not self-priming, especially those with high suction lift or especially long suction lines.
  • Hydrostatic Test Pumps

    Hydrostatic Test Pumps

    The ACGF Series is excellent for a wide variety of booster, sprayer, fire fighting and sprinkler applications.
  • Evaporative Cooler Pumps

    Evaporative Cooler Pumps

    Designed specifically for evaporative coolers (swamp coolers), for maximum efficiency and a long life.
  • Wet Rotor Pumps

    Wet Rotor Pumps

    With a hydronic circulator that conserves energy and eliminates maintenance, wet rotor pumps are intended for circulating water or ethylene glycol solutions in closed hydronic or solar heating systems.
  • Fuel Transfer Pumps

    Fuel Transfer Pumps

    Designed to pump fuel safely and efficiently, these pumps are often used on pickup truck bed tanks and stand alone fuel tanks.
  • Hand-operated Diaphragm Pump

    Hand-operated Diaphragm Pump

    These 10 and 15 GPM guzzlers are made of injection molded DuPont Delrin.™ Both models have reinforced diaphragm and flapper valves and are available with thru-deck mounting capability.