• Munro Butterfly Valves

    Munro Butterfly Valves

    The Munro Butterfly Valve features a durable ductile iron body and handle, oil impregnated shaft rings and a ten-position steel disc for easy adjustments.
  • Adjustable Relief Valves

    Adjustable Relief Valves

    These high-pressure valves, intended for clean water, offer the benefits of both a relief valve and an unloader valve.
  • Unloader Valves

    Unloader Valves

    Intended for clean water applications with roller or piston pumps, these higher pressure valves are used to relieve pressure.
  • Pre-set Relief Valves

    Pre-set Relief Valves

    Versatile and manually adjustable, these valves protect the pipeline by relieving pressure in a system.
  • PVC Air Evacuating Valve

    PVC Air Evacuating Valve

    Maximizing operating efficiency by evacuating air from the piping system, this valve is specifically designed for piping systems with slope changes and large sections.
  • Float Valve Kits

    Float Valve Kits

    No need to spend time choosing the individual parts and pieces - we’ve done it for you in this light weight, high quality, corrosion resistant kit.
  • Floats


    Used extensively in water coolers, feeding troughs, tanks, reservoirs, and other applications where constant liquid level control is needed.
  • Stems


    An important component of many float valve systems.
  • Brass Float Valves

    Brass Float Valves

    Used for tank measurement and flow control when electricity is not present or practical. Countless applications include stock tanks, vaults and ponds.
  • Flow Control Valve

    Flow Control Valve

    These valves are self-cleaning and designed to deliver constant volume of water over a wide pressure drop range.